12 Week Fitness Challenge – Week 1 Walking and Water with planner printables

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12 Week Fitness Challenge – Week 1 Walking and Water with planner printables

Like me, I am guessing that you have also made a New Year’s Resolution to try and get healthier and fitter in 2017.  Now I think this has been my resolution for around the last 5 years, which is why I have set up this course.  If I am creating printables and have a whole group of people who are waiting to hear my progress, I know I can’t quit.  Plus I am hoping that together we can create a little community that helps to motivate and support each other and get us through the tough days.

I want us all to be able to look back in 12 weeks time and be proud of ourselves.  In order to see how far we have come, I have created the body measurements printables, which can be downloaded here.  You need to write all of your body measurements down and take a few pictures if you can bare it, so that in 12 short weeks, you can look back and be proud of how far you have come. I have also included my weekly weigh in printable so you can track the difference it is having on your weight too.  Every Sunday evening, I am going to post my weekly progress on the 9-5 Planner Facebook page and I would love to see how well you are doing too.

Week 1 Challenge - Water and Walking

This week's challenge is all about starting off gently. The target for this week is to manage 30 mins of walking a day.  That could be 3 ten minute walks or one long walk, but you need to hit 30 mins of walking every day this week.

Our bodies are 50-65% water.  We need water to help our body dissolve minerals and nutrients, making it easier for the body to utilise and it helps flush out toxins and waste products from our system.  The aim this week, is to drink around 8 glasses of water a day (equates to around 1.2 litres).

To help you with both these challenges, I have created a walking and water printable that can be used in your planner.  I look forward to seeing everyone's completed sheets at the end of the week!

Download the printables:






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