Free Planner Printables – Etsy Shop Management

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Free Planner Printables – Etsy Shop Management

If you, like me you run an Etsy shop, then you need to keep on top of your sales and orders to ensure you you keep your customers happy. Plus, you want to make sure you always have the right stock available. There are so many important things to track each day and it can be hard to keep on top of it all. That is why we have created a completely free set of planner printables to help you keep track of your Etsy shop. So what are you waiting for, download your free set now.

What does the set include?

The set includes:

  • Order tracker - allows you to keep on top of who has ordered what and monitor when an item was made, packed and shipped
  • Yearly shop fees tracker - this helps you monitor your shop fees monthly and see just how much you have spent on Etsy fees throughout the year.
  • Profit tracker - do you know how much you make on each product?  Want to run a discount code?  Then it helps to know just how much profit you are making on each item so you can work out which products are your best products in terms of making you the most money.
  • Stock inventory - this planner printable allows you to monitor your ongoing stock levels for all the different items in your store, helping you to keep track of what you need to order and when.

These printables are in A5 size, but can easily be shrunk down or scaled up to fit smaller and larger planners.  I hope you find them useful.

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