Which size of planner is right for me?

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Which size of planner is right for me?

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There are so many planners on the market, with the original and probably best known being the Filofax. For many of the planners on the market, the Filofax sizes have become the industry standard.  They have 3 main sizes, the A5, the personal and the pocket (A6).

I’ve tried to use the pocket on several occasions. As a diary they are great, as they fit nicely in your handbag but you are going to struggle to use them for much else.  The paper is too small for recording much other than shopping lists.

The personal size is much more practical.  It is still small enough to fit in a normal handbag but is a good size for taking meeting notes or jotting down blog ideas.  

However, if you are looking for something for work, then I would recommend the A5.  There is so much more note taking space, plus there are tons of people making printables and inserts.  This means that you can completely customise your planner and make it your own.  I have 2 A5 planners on the go at all times.  One is for journaling and the other is for work.  I would always pick the A5 but it is important that you pick the planner that is most likely to fit with your needs and lifestyle.  

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